Double Malt Duo

Established under particularly unique circumstances, the Double Malt Duo has developed an equally unique and intriguing musical experience. 

The duo’s smoky and soulful vocals coupled with their beautifully expressive guitar playing lay the foundation for the pair’s inimitable sound. The occasional switch to piano and/or saxophone colours their sound with a touch of class that sets them apart from typical duos.

Current and former clients include Crystal Cruises, Seabourn Cruises, Hilton Hotels, Windstar Cruises, TUI (Thompson) Hotels, DFDS Seaways, and Brittany Ferries.

Double Malt Duo Guitars Saxophone




The Double Malt Duo play music to suit a variety of tastes. They lend their distinctive sound to many genres including pop, rock, country, soul, folk, and the odd jazz standard. A typical (but seldom ordinary) evening encompasses covers from classic artists, such as the Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Eva Cassidy, Cat Stevens, the Eagles, Carole King, and Bob Marley. A more mellow evening might include hits from Norah Jones, Katie Melua, Ed Sheeran, and Nina Simone, followed by a light saxophone or piano instrumental. With a repertoire of several hundred songs, Double Malt is sure to delight even the most discerning music lover.



For a livelier atmosphere, the Double Malt Duo brings the party! With the simple switch from acoustic to electric guitar and the addition of high-quality custom backing tracks, they are sure to get people on their feet! They have sets of 80s floor-fillers, including songs by Whitney Houston, Lionel Richie, Chaka Khan, and George Michael. If a bit of classic rock and roll is more fitting for your event, they also have hits from artists such as Elvis, Chubby Checker, Frankie Valli, and Chuck Berry. They are also up to date on current chart-toppers for a more modern crowd. Just ask! The Double Malt Duo is happy to tailor their sets to suit any event, whatever the vibe may be!